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Long Hu Men


Comics (manhua) masterpiece of Hong Kong comic artist Tony WONG. DRAGON (long) TIGER (HU) GATE (MEN), so in Indonesian can be interpreted as a GATE DRAGON and DRAGON TIGER. Comics (manhua) tells the story of martial arts college (kung fu) in hong kong and asia east, Long Hu Men is one of the universities in Hong Kong led by three emperors DRAGON TIGER and 4-General and small. Armed with a family legacy of martial arts and TIGER DRAGON CAPTURE Eve they defend justice in east asia HONG KONG, KOREA, JAPAN until THAILAND. combating drug syndicates selling (drugs) and flow / martial arts black colleges.
3 emperor DRAGON TIGER are 2 brothers and Wang Xiao Long and Wang Xiao Hu and their companions Shi Hei Long.
Wang Xiao Long inherited the martial arts form DRAGON SITE. that in the development of the story he will inherit the legendary martial arts which is 18 SITE conqueror DRAGONS and Sticks KAYPANG legendary dog ​​of the flow (stream of beggars).LongHuMen
Wang Xiao Hu called KING kick kick inherited form of science and Eve CAPTURE DRAGON DRAGON TIGER. and acquire knowledge which is the magic 9 SUN sacred science of the flow of white lotus / BAI LIAN (from Korea).
Shi Hei Long has the best defense science at between 3 emperor. deepen knowledge of the legendary Shaolin GENTA GOLD shield, which in its development can penetrate up to level 8. other than that supported by the agility of the science of the body without a trace relief and sharpness of TANPA JEJAK TANPA BAYANGAN carver and BOR PENDESAK JANTUNG.
Long Hu Men adventure starts from their bout in Hong Kong by a martial flow and also an international drugs syndicate LAO CHA led by DEWA API DEVIL clouds that brought the Warriors Long Hu Men into a long struggle until the country JAPAN. Long Hu Men On the way they met with and also conflict with martial flow from KOREA. FLOW white lotus (BAI LIAN) Dong Fang's family headed by Dong Fang Wu DI. In this struggle Wang Xiao Hu obtained a book of Science 9 SUN. KOREA bout at Long Hu Men receive assistance from FLOWS boxing perverted that their brother headed Feng Wang Lei and assistance from the flow of ginseng HOLY. LAO CHA bout with the champion bringing Long Hu Men into the complex and protracted issue. Until the battle of Long Hu Men with an international drug syndicate from THAILAND TONG Tian and also the ruler of the seas in Pirates ASIA SHI YUAN flow.
With a very interesting storyline of the comic artist Tony WONG combines elements of martial arts fighting with elements of his life between togetherness, brotherhood, friendship, love, and who must defend the truth.
Long Hu Men story is still evolving to this day with the story still evolving and unpredictable. I do not know until when and how the comic artist Tony WONG will end this fascinating story.
Manhua is not only circulated in Hong Kong but also in other parts of Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and even the Americans there. His title was changed in accordance with the conditions of the rising country that is Longfumoon, Long Hu Men, Trace Wira, Oriental Heroes, Dragon Tiger Door, Dragon Tiger Gate and Indonesian fans familiar with the title of Tiger Wong or Long Hu Men are now published by the MNC. All the titles that have meaning one that is college Dragon and Tiger.
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